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New Moon in Sagittarius

It's been a wild ride this last month, the Sun moved through the depths of Scorpio and here we are, just moments past an intense eclipse portal. Let's just take a minute to breathe deeply, sit quietly and reflect on what the FUCK happened to us. There is something intensely beautiful about this time of the year. The potential for change and transformation that is available to us all, if we have the courage to go deep enough, to bare our souls and stand naked amidst the storm.

For me, Scorpio season leaves me searching for that primal animal inside, the woman that feels the fullness of her emotions. The woman that is raw, REAL and in-tune with her instincts. The woman that doesn't give a FUCK what others think, feel or say. I find it easy to get lost within myself, my thoughts and my feelings. It's like a giant tidal wave sweeps me away, and the undertow of the ocean keeps pulling me further and further away from shore. The reality is, I like it...I like it a lot. Then comes Sagittarius.

When the Sun shifts into fiery Sagittarius, a light seems to penetrate the depths of those emotional waters. A new path and perspective emerges, one that feels lighter, filled with possibility and hope. Sagittarius is exactly those two words, possibility and hope, finding the silver lining in life's experiences. Enter the New Moon.

It's a new start and it's also a time we go inwards to ponder about what we have experienced throughout the last lunar cycle. As mentioned above, the last one was a doozy. Scorpio season, What an incredible vibration. So now, how do we integrate what we experienced and what do we want for ourselves moving forward?

Sagittarius demands the truth, so it can create the need to examine our belief system. What has shifted for you? Where are you headed now? From where I stand, I know my true north has changed. I am not holding back anymore. I promised myself that I would seize opportunities as they come and not fear unfamiliar experiences that I am faced with. I feel like I am standing on a precipice, holding my breath ready to jump into life, trusting that I will land on my feet.

Use this New Moon in Sagittarius to think big for yourself, call in joy and amazing adventures! Get really real with yourself, what is it that truly lights you up in every way? Where in your life do you want to call in abundance? Sag energy allows us the opportunity to learn, grow and explore all things. Use this season of wisdom to your advantage to bring all of these things into your life. After all, Sagittarius is about "MORE" my friends and more is what you shall have....if you only ask!


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