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New Moon in Cancer

Today, we have a New Moon in the watery sign of Cancer at 18 degrees. New Moons are time of introspection, its a dark night, a time to quiet down and set your intentions for the next lunar cycle. We also have 4 planets in water today which is a lot of feelings going on for all of us here on Earth. Neptune is also making a beautiful aspect to the New Moon bringing an extra boost to our manifesting abilities and A LOT of compassion and empathy. With this boost in empathy, this is the perfect time to reach out to someone you love and tell them what they mean to you. It’s also a great time to say you are sorry, there is a softening of hearts now and your words will be more easily received…..better yet, offer yourself forgiveness under this watery New Moon, for whatever it is you are hanging on to you.

Emotions (moodiness, sensitivity), intuition and the need to withdraw and be in your safe space away from the world is the collective energy. Add to that the tension piece between chaotic Uranus, strict Saturn and our cosmic go getter Mars....which we find release to this tension in the element of water (are you surprised?...No, I thought not) Permission to be alone today, to cry, to cuddle, to eat comforting foods and feel whatever comes up.

Happy New Moon to you all.


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