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My Story

Hi, my name is Stephanie.  All of my life I have been seeking the answers to the big questions in life, questioning everything that had to do with this existence.  Through this fascination I stumbled upon many curious spiritual paths and modalities.  One of them being the archetypes in the heavens and how they influence our everyday lives here on Earth. 

In 2018, something shifted inside me (hello, Neptune transit!!).  I was different, more in-tune to my inner voice.  I noticed something calling to me but I couldn’t figure out what it was.  Over the next year, I followed my whims gaining insights and knowledge with Mediumship, Spiritual development, Oracle card reading and lastly,  attaining my Reiki Master certification.

STILL something was still missing…

I remembered writing a manifesting sheet at the first new Moon of the year.  On that sheet I saw written in big bold letters 'ASTROLOGY'  So, I went to my favourite Astrologers site and to my surprise, she had a school!!!  I put my name on the waitlist and waited for a sign.  The universe did not disappoint me. On my birthday in 2019, the Astrology course taught by my favourite Astrologer began!  That was all I needed to jump in with both feet.  From the moment of my first class I knew, this was EXACTLY what I had been yearning for all along.  I had come back home and I knew from that first class that I would be a professional reader and a teacher one day.

"And so shall it be!!" said the Universe.

Here I am today, a graduate, Certified Astrologer AND Mentor at Debra Silverman’s School of Applied Astrology. Teaching students and empowering people through their birth charts is such a rewarding gift to give, it’s truly a blessing to be able to hold space for others.

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Why Astrology?


For me, Astrology is a no brainer.  It's knowledge that has been utilized by those initiated into the craft for thousands of years.  It's consistent, it's dependable, but how does that help you?

The Astrology charts is a cosmic blueprint of our lessons this lifetime. When interpreted, it can be a used as a guiding system for understanding and growth.  Our personal and collective evolution IS why we are here after all. 

Through 'counselling type' sessions, the Astrology chart can help guide you through life's joys and challenges, showing you how to navigate the current cosmic wave you are on.  It is the ultimate mirror, a reflection of your truest self - a cosmic map of the souls intention.

Ultimately, it is here to support you on your journey, to help you give you clarity, to help you choose the RIGHT path for you.

Are you ready?

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