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New Moon in Virgo

Shhhhhhh, can you feel it? It’s a need to quiet down and go within. Everything slows. Everything turns inward. Welcome to the New Moon. This is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, a time when we plant our seeds, a time to align ourselves with the astrological energies and manifest our dreams.

The moon in Virgo gives us the opportunity to sink in, to acknowledge how we have shown up in life thus far. Virgo energy is all about whole heartedly serving from a space of love and gratitude. This particular New Moon is being given an extra dose of compassion and insight, along with the strength and ability to push through any obstacles that may be presented to us individually and collectively. So if you falling into analysis paralysis over not doing enough or accomplishing enough, remind yourself that it’s not how much you do and accomplish ….. it’s about you showing up for others AND yourself. It isn’t about the house, the bank account, the car or the clothes…its about what kind of a friend you are, what kind of a mom/dad you are, what kind of a spouse you are……you get the idea.

To be in alignment with this New Moon and its manifesting potential, its a great time to focus on health goals. Need a new healer in your life?? ASK for one! This is the perfect time to get back into your body and see what it needs energetically, mentally and physically. Virgo loves all types of medicines, vitamins, herbs, energy healers…you name it, Virgo digs it if its health related! So during this Earth dominated sky (5 planets are in Earth..WOWzers) get grounded, be still and take some time to listen, really listen to what it is your body needs….then write a list and manifest away!!


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