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Daily Astro News - Mars enters Leo

Today at 9:43am ET, Mars left watery Cancer and entered into fiery Leo. Mars LOVES to be in fire signs, its like "YES PLEASE!!!". Fire is passion, intensity and determination and Mars in Leo has that and more. Mars in Leo has a powerful presence, acts from the heart and also has a super creative side. This will be a welcomed shift having some fire in the heavens after SO much air and water. You can expect this energy to be uplifting but let's be real..... with Mercury still retrograde and Neptune adding to the tension, there's going to be misunderstandings and confusion when communicating. Passion and desire will be running at a very high level. If we are feeling that our integrity or our loyalty is being questioned, then that can lead to outbursts of anger, especially if we feel humiliated. So prepare, breathe and know that this too shall pass.

In other news, as we woke today, we had 5 planets in water....ugh. That's a lot of emotion and feelings bubbling up to the surface. Let's be honest my fellow humans, unless you have a lot of water or Earth in your birth chart, this is super uncomfortable.

Emotions are messy.

They aren't logical.

How do we cope?!!

Well, when the Moon is in the sign of Cancer its SUPER comfortable here, and you'll be happy to if your Moon is in water or Earth (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces) However, Moon in Cancer can be moody and add in Mars in the sign of Leo....wowzers, we can be reactive. So with this energy, permission to be reclusive if you can't handle shit today. Be alone, have a nap, rest. The New Moon vibes are still in the air, but, if you feel like you need to release the tension by having a tantrum, then do it! Get the energy out, scream in a'll feel better I promise.


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