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Venus enters Leo

Yesterday, Venus entered the fiery sign of Leo at 12:27pm ET, adding some much needed fire to the heavens… buh bye Cancer! In Astrology, Venus is the planet of our values, what we love, how we love, our aesthetic and what we desire. Let’s also not forget its what WE think WE deserve and it’s our PLEASURE. I love Venus, especially Venus in Leo.

Adore me, chase me, tell me how much you love me says Venus in Leo. In a fire sign this is hot, impulsive, passionate, confident and exciting. Although some Venus in Leo folks can be shy, most like to adorn themselves with beautiful jewelry or clothes to attract attention. Their music, hair and clothing tends to be a little more loud and expressive here. When it comes to our values we tend to have our own opinions and can be unwavering when it comes to new ideals from others. It’s usually best to align with people with the same sets of values and morals.

Venus in Leo is really in love with love and being showed affection and adoration. Venus requires regular validation of your love here. If you adhere to these simple things, then this placement is loyal, fun loving and generous with their love and affection to their partner. To an extent, a bit of jealousy excites Venus in Leo….why?? This shows them that you are uber attracted to them and they like nothing more then to have their ego stroked a bit…MeoooOOW. Decide to go against this advice and we can turn up the drama, or perhaps they will drop you like a bad habit, point being, at times it can feel as though you are in a romantic comedy/drama with them. When its good though, its REAL good. One thing for sure, there won’t be a dull moment with a Venus in Leo person.

We are all feeling this fiery shift on some level right now, a little more passion and a little more drama...maybe it's just me, but I like the feistiness of Mars in Leo and now Venus here. This can really hit our fun buttons, our need to spoil ourselves and just do things for you. The sociability this brings is also ramped up, so call your friends and hit the town! Fire is all about excitement and fun, and who couldn't use a bit more of that these days. Those of us with our Venus placements in Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are going to be LOVING this, those of us with fixed Venus placements...not so much. These would include Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus.

Enjoy these energies Astro friends!


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